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Starting 2007 Rom Fracht began to work with fibers (materials for floors). With a quick development capacity, Rom Fracht has become one of the largest suppliers of steel and polypropylene fiber in the country.

Starting 2011 Rom Fracht company managed to inaugurate the largest line of steel fiber production with a capacity of 700 tons/month, becoming the largest producer in the country.

The advantages of using steel fibers are big and lead to major savings as well as improving the concrete reinforcement process. We are now talking of a net superior reinforcement when it comes to comparing the steel fibers to concrete steel rings or welded netting.


·         Dispersed reinforcement (steel fibers reinforce every centimeter of concrete);

·         Logistic advantages (reduced amount of concrete, reinforcement steel or welded netting);

·         Reduces maneuvering (reinforcement is made directly in the concrete station by puring the fibers into the concrete mixer);

·         Improves the the concrete characteristics such as resistance to compression, elasticity and not only.