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Steel fibers

The researches made by the romanian scientist George Constantinescu in the 1950s helped promoting fibers as the new method of concrete reinforcement. His findings have rapidly changed the constructions field in Romania.

Although steel fibers were already widely used across Europe in every major construction project (such as harbors, tunnels, highways, dams etc.), in Romania they started being used only after the 1989 Revolution, especially in projects funded by foreign investors.

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Nowadays, Romania has three major steel fiber producers and Romfracht is proud to be one of them.


The steel fibers have many advantages, such as major money savings and a better concrete reinforcement. It is a better and stronger dispersed armature, much superior to the classic rebars or welded mesh.



- Dispersed reinforcement - It reinforces every cubic centimeter of concrete

- Logistics - The whole armature needed weights a lot less

- Manipulation - The reinforcement process can be done either in a concrete station or directly in the concrete mixing truck

- It adds to the qualities of the concrete - Elasticity, endurance etc.


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Fibers are slowly starting to replace the classical reinforcement made with steel bars or welded mesh.
For example, steel fibers provide with lower costs for labor and smaller prices per project, due to their quality and the small product amount needed to get a strong and safe disperse reinforcement.
Romfracht produces several types of fibers, with three main applications:

  • Fibers for disperse reinforcement - FORTA FERRO and STEEL FIBERS (they replace steel bars and welded mesh);
  • Fibers for screeds (for reinforcement and thermal control): SUPER NET, ECONO NET, ULTRA NET (These can completely replace the welded mesh for screeds ranging from 1 cm to 10 cm);
  • Fibers that eliminate the microscopic cracks in any type of concrete: RAWWHITE fibers. These fibers are excellent for use with plasters. It is highly recommended that you use these fibers with reinforcement fibers or screed fibers.

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